[semi-hiatus until august 1]
jamie, 16. shrill screamy ginger.
demigirl, she/her or ve/ver.

currently watching red vs blue and welcome to night vale.
currently reading a clash of kings and various x-men comics
also posting life updates, rooster teeth, anti-kyriarchal ideas, and writing.

i also have an odd sense of humor, seventy-four bottles of nail polish, and too many ideas for my own good.

tbh the biggest failure in marvel history is that squid boy’s codename wasn’t squid kid

i thought that girl was monet and i was ready to be so excited but it was psylocke and like i love betsy but she’s not monet

my dad just told us that he’s not arming the house’s security alarm, “because anybody fool enough to break into a house with this many people in it that can get away with something deserves what they steal.”

do you mind if i steal rabbit heart for my sooraya mix omg i’m having a hard time w/ songs for her

oh absolutely go ahead! (also yeah it took me a little while to come up with something for her i was so not sure haha)

my dad’s watching gra ham norton clips and they’re funny and i like the ones with people i recognize but like

the ones where they make fun of fic make me so uncomfortable

mysblink asked: Rahne Sinclair! Monet St Croix! Julio Richter! Sooraya Qadir!

rahne: born to - jesca hoop
monet: problem - natalia kills
rictor: a little irony - tom milsom
sooraya: rabbit heart - florence + the machine



Put a character in my ask

from ANY series you know I’ve read

and I’ll try to find a song in my music that I think goes with them

i am



style goals: scott summers’s bitchin’ awesome trenchcoat in wolverine and the x-men


Chris 3 is gonna fit in perfectly.

i don’t understand how people dislike doug ramsey he disabled a terrorist by shouting out “no” in binary code and the bomb shut down like how cool is that how do you dislike that

hello friends i am in an airport

[45/365] days of jamie’s music
masterpiece - emily kinney

you build castles in the clouds
when the sky was clear and blue
no one else sees cloud castles
except for me and you